AIK Energy Ukraine TOB was established in Kiev, Ukraine as a subsidiary company of AIK Energy Ltd, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Its activities center around natural gas trading, in accordance with the Group’s business operations in the sectors of natural gas, power, oil products and renewable energy.

What we do

The company has become in the past few years a trusted partner in the region of Ukraine, being recognized for its agility, experience, financial stability and strength. Being established on these solid bases, AIK Energy Ukraine TOB is now working to acquire access to an extensive network of market participants and create commercial relationship with most of the notable gas companies and traders in the region, both locally and in the Eastern European region. It is the company’s philosophy to continuously explore new opportunities and grow by entering new markets and diversifying into new areas of activity, whilst never losing track of its core competences.

Having a strong empowerment through AIK Energy Ltd., the Romanian Subsidiary evolved in a fast manner, now holding trading and supplying gas and/ or electricity licenses in other seven countries and being on the process of obtaining according licenses in other five countries.

To check the areas where AIK Energy Romania SRL activates, please consult our page: Licenses  (with redirect).

Our Team

Experienced, diversified and well-balanced, our team of senior professionals possesses extensive experience in management, finance and legal aspects, in addition to the particularities of the energy industry. Our certified middle and junior traders have an appetite for modern trading technologies, aiming to streamline the links between acquisition and sale. Diversity allows AIK Energy to have a unique understanding and be well-connected in numerous energy markets, while having first-hand experience in accordance with the geographic region from Central and Eastern Europe to the Middle East.

Aik Energy LTD

Trusting Partner

We are a trusting and reliable partner – AIK Energy has developed a trusted network of companies at the European level in order to align the local practices with our international business vision, being able to establish an accurate, long-term business relation with all our partners, regionally and globally. Furthermore, AIK Energy is in constant collaboration with all energy authorities and financial institutions operating in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Energy European markets (physical and virtual commodities) alongside the constant harmonization of the legislative variations offer our partners a clear and wide variety of products and associations.

While keeping integrity and transparency as essential attributes, AIK Energy LTD’s commitment allows us to execute reliable, trustworthy, long-term relationships leading AIK Energy to success on highly competitive gas&power markets.

Natural Gas


Licensed on gas & energy markets

AIK Energy Ukraine TOB has been officially, starting with the year of 2017, a gas trader in Ukraine.

Accredited Gas Shipper

AIK Energy Ukraine TOB carries out trading activities and has all accreditations and access to exchange platfroms. Through the gas shipper code granted by the Public Joint-Stock Company “UKRTRANSGAZ” the Company can import and export gas, as well as store gas in the underground storage facilities of Ukraine.

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AIK Energy Ukraine is growing into a strong leader of the gas and power European industry, having strong business relationships with partners such as:

Trading platforms

AIK Energy Ukraine TOB

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We consider the impact of every action we take. With this in mind, we continuously work on minimising our impact on the climate and environment, complying with the laws and own policies in this area.

We are partners with our employees, customers and stakeholders in order to create added value.

Registered Office

28/12 Verkhniy Val Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071, Ukraine


+380 443 545 340


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Andrii Gusakovskii
Managing Director AIK Energy Ukraine TOB

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